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RM1 Robert Pinkerton

Bob stayed in for the full tour and is living his retirement years pedaling around the Great State of Texas. These photos should bring a smile to the Vietnam/Squadron 3 crew.
RM1 Robert Pinkerton (1968-1970)
Hodge, Pinkerton, Jester, and ????
Forward Three Decades
Old Fart - Keeping Fit!
Olongapo, Phillipines
Phillipines Liberty Party
Local Cattle Call
Armed and Dangerous
Sebago Enters Pearl Harbor
Liberty Party on Tour
Maneuvering Watch
Realm of The Golden Dragon
Realm of The Golden Dragon
Realm of The Golden Dragon
PCF 81 comes alongside for supplies
Stand By For Heavy Rolls
Fat Tuesday - Mardis Gras 1970
BM1 Al Snelling - April, 1969
Realm of The Golden Dragon
82 Footer Alongside

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