SEBAGO Photo Album

SN 1/c Charlie Reese

Charlie passed these photos to another Sebago Sailor just before he crossed over the bar a few years ago. They are a great collection of the SEBAGO before and just after commissioning.
SeaBag The Wonderdog!SeaBag & Panama Inspect The Hull - 1945SeaBag & Panama
Barque Horst Wessel - Hamilton, BermudaGreen Water Over The Twin 5Charlie Reese - 1945
Re-Enlistment Day ! 1946Reese & Millilo - December 1945Ens. Glenn Bartoo - 1946
CGYARD Curtis Bay, MD - 1947Mounting The Prop - San Pedro Yards 1945Sebago Sailor - Phil Clark
Western Shipbuilding - 1945Shipmate Bill Corcoran - 1946Charlie Reese - 1945
DatsoGallery By Andrey Datso

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