RM2 John Perotta

RM3 John Perotta

John served aboard SEBAGO from 1968 through the Squadron 3 cruise, departing in early 1970. His collections of photos from February 25, 1969, are especially interesting. That was the day young Pollywogs met King Neptune and became Shellbacks.
RM3 John PerottaDeparting PensacolaPrepare to Cast Off All Lines !
Bring In The BrowFarewell! Don't Forget to Write . . Pollywogs Will Assemble . . .
The Royal Barber - Hey! What's This All About?A Little Off The Top?
The Style Salon?Before Meeting Neptune Really... Is all of this necessary?
It's Almost OverGreetings PollywogNeptune's Court
Neptune's CourtFoot Fetish?Wogs Shall Kiss The Belly . . .
It CAN Get Worse!Now Can We Be Friends ?The Shellback Certificate
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