SA Ron Dudley
OS Delta (12/1971)

A good look at a typical roll in moderate seas.  Also one of the rare photos that shows the interior of the balloon shack. This was an addition to SEBAGO placed during the 1952 Curtis Bay refit from WW II configuration to peacetime weather patrol configuration.  

Civilian weathermen, AG's and MST's would inflate a large weather balloon, hook up a radiosonde unit and then walk the gear out to the leeward catwalk and let it fly.  The radar crew would then track the balloon up to as much as 50,000 feet.  The recorded data would then be worked into a "winds aloft" report for airmen crossing the Atlantic.  Most of the crew were unaware of how important these reports were, but they contributed greatly to the safety of trans-Atlantic flights in the late 40's, 50's and 60's. At the start of the 70's the inertial navigations systems of airliners were so sophisticated they could compute winds aloft without assistance from the ground, and with greater accuracy!


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Date: 2013-03-04 15:18
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