A Good Crew!

After so many years it is difficult to properly describe the atmosphere of NRUF's radio shack. There was, without doubt, a pecking order that often didn't follow the number of stripes on the rating badge, and most of us will never forget how some ops were so much better than others. We all answered to "Sparks" with the pride of men that knew their job to be difficult under the best of conditions and nearly impossible when rolling through the heavy seas of a gale force wind or hurricane.

Each of us has a story to share about some stiff-fisted lid on the other end of the freq. More than once we all heard a well earned "Dah Dah Ditty Dah Dah" float through the ether to our end too! There were nights we prayed something would happen just to keep us awake and still others that we hoped like hell we were up to the task because somebody might die if we weren't.

Have You Got News For Us?

Come on, you can be a GOFER or a PAYFER, but the Geedunk is open and we all want to know how you are getting along. Most of us are retired now, or trying to figure out how we can slow down and enjoy life. So I KNOW you have the time to sit down and send us a message. QRS 21 OM QRV - send your information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and it will be posted here.

Lynn C. Smith

NRUF Operator StationNRUF Station 2

I snatched these photos and descriptions from Roger Wendells Coast Guard site ... a couple of vintage Radio Shack photos of NRUF 'back in the day' of RM3 Lynn Smith, circa 1958. Thanks to Roger for permission to reprint here.

RM2 Joe Schmidt (59-60)

Finished As Army Aviator

It has been a long time from 1959-1960 when I was aboard the Sebago (in Mobile) to now, and a lot of water has "gone under the bridge" so to speak, and I would dearly love to visit with all of those who will be attending. I will, however, take this opportunity to update you on what happened to me after I left the 'Seabag'.

I went from Mobile to New Orleans, where I worked briefly in the Customs House as a teletype operator until my billet at Radio Station Galveston came open (a couple of months as I recall). I then worked at RADSTA Galveston for several years (where I met and married my bride of 48 years this year).

RM2 Bob Wood (58-59)

NRUF Christmas Card 1958RM2 Bob Wood (58-59);

Bob sends this along with the comments that he spent a year as an AL3 flying SAR with the AirDet at Keesler AFB, that is until orders came for assignment to Argentia and he went back to dit chasing. I can imagine that Bob has some great flying stories and some interesting stories of the Old Guard.

I've lost QSO with Bob, so if anybody knows where he stand watch now, let us know. 

Orestes RATT Code Machines

Orestes KW-7 Code MachineDo you remember that part of each underway watch dedicated to keeping the Orestes KW-7 radioteletype machines in sync and receiving the Navy broadcasts? The things were tricky beasts and the heart of the unit was a 'code block' with 30 wires and seemingly endless combinations of routing from the primary block of 30 to the secondary block of 30.

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