Capt Sidney M Hay, USCGR (Ret)

Capt Hay had a very distringuised wartime record which included participation in the sinking of German submarine U-550.  The following is reprinted from Coast Guard Reservist, Vol VI No 6, April May 1959

Spotlighting The Reserve Directors

Commander Hay grew up in Salem, Mass, and became acquainted with the Coast Guard early in life by spending his summer vacations while in grammar school at Baker's Island Lighthouse Station, in Salem Harbor. He graduated from Staunton Military Academy, Staunton, VA in 1924.

Cdr Hay prepared for his future active duty in the Coast Guard by making a world cruise in 1928 aboard William K. Vanderbilt's yacht ARA, as quartermaster, and during the next eight years he worked for American Car and Foundry Company, makers of A.C.F. cruisers, at the repair yard, City Island, N.Y.

In August 1941 Cdr Hay came on active duty as a Lieutenant (JG) and reported aboard the USCGC Duane on which he served as Navigator, 1st Lieutenant, and finally as gunnery officer. On detachment he went to Submarine Chaser Training Center in Miami in 1943. Following this training he was assigned as Executive Officer USS Peterson (DE-152) and a year later he became Commanding Officer and served in this capacity until the ship was decommissioned in May of 1946. The following month Cdr Hay was released to inactive duty.

Prior to his recall to active duty in 1950 to serve on the Reserve Officers' Precedence Board, Cdr Hay was Commanding Officer of the VTU in Boston.

During Cdr Hay's second tour of active duty he served as Executive Officer of the DUANE, and Commanding Officer of DEXTER and SEBAGO.

He was assigned as Assistant Director of the Reserve in the 9th District from 1954 to 1958, at which time he assumed his present billet as Reserve Director of the 13th District.

Among CDR Hay's awards for gallant action during World War II are the following three letter of commendation:

            Navy Letter of Commendation with Metal Pendant for action with submarine during North Atlantic duty

            Navy Letter of Commendation for service as Commanding Officer of escort vessel on North Atlantic duty.

            Letter of Commendation from Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, for action as OOD aboard Cutter DUANE when an officer was washed overboard and recovered during a storm while the ship was on weather patrol off Greenland in February 1942.

A most unusual award earned by CDR Hay was the Order of The Patriotic War, Second Class, bestowed by the Russian Government. This and other similar awards and medals were awarded to men of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard for their work on the Murmansk run. 

From Coast Guard Reservist, Vol VI No 6, April May 1959


I believe Captain Hay was the first of only two CO's that did not attend Coast Guard Academy, the other being Cdr J. G. Wilcox Jr, the final CO. 

Capt Hay crossed over the bar in September 1972 and his widow, Jean,  joined him in 2002. They are interred at Arlington National Cemetery.

USCGC DUANE (WPG-33), Lt S.M Hay , 1941 - 1943

XO, USS Peterson (DE-152), LCdr S.M. Hay, 1943

CO, USS Peterson (DE-152), LCdr S. M. Hay, 1944 - 1946 *

Inactive Duty 1946 - 1950


CO, USCGC Duane (WPG-33) CDR S. M. Hay, 1952

CO.USCGC SEBAGO (WPG-42), CDR S.M. Hay  02/53 - 04/54.

Asst Dir of Reserve, CG Dist 9, CDR S.M. Hay - 1954

Dir of Reserve, CG Dist 13, Cdr S. M. Hay, 02/58

Asst Chief Reserve, CG HQ, Cdr S.M. Hay July 25 1960

Chief, Reserve Div, CGDist 9, Capt S. M. Hay, 1967

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