FN Mike Butler
Underway - Bow Spray
At this point the mass of the ship is overwhelmed by that of the wave. Water begins to curl around the prow and it's the power of the screw that takes over and pushes SEBAGO through the crest. Moments later the forecastle disappears as water rushes over the bow and the spray shield in front of the five inch mount begins to take the brunt of the force and moves the water athwart-ships.

Geez; terms like prow, forecastle, stem, athwartships ... don't you just love being a deep water Coastie? This kind of weather was NO fun, in fact it pretty much made us miserable. But looking at these photos after 40 years I can see that for the most part we endured it with a smile and a lot of young kids came out the other side of those waves as experienced men who could sail any ocean with pride.

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Author: Mike Butler
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