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HOMEPORT - Pensacola's Muni Pier

Take a good look, this view doesn't exist anymore. In the 1960's and 70's, at least for Sebago Sailors, this was the yellow brick road to excitement. It was the municipal pier area; a big parking lot, civic auditorium that often hosted professional wrestling, and further up the street was Trader Jon's, Rosie O'Grady's, and of course the beach. Today the auditorium and pier are gone, victims of some severe hurricane action. The parking lot is the site of a large condo complex, and Trader Jon Weissman has been dead several years. The pier area itself is now known as "De Luna Park" I can only imagine how much revenue the Pensacola Police Department lost each time we put to sea...they would patiently wait out of sight for each of us young studs to burn rubber away from the dockside and then nail us as we got near the courthouse plaza and write us a citation for "improper start" - hell, we didn't know any other way to start liberty! Some Sebago Sailors may remember the sidewalk that led us toward downtown Pensacola was made up of a colored diamonds pattern of concrete. That was a popular thing when the sidewalk was laid in the 1940 and 50's, but in 1970 the ground had moved enough in places that the 'pattern' was more a collection of flag rocks at different levels. For new shipmates coming back from their first deployment at sea it was difficult to figure out if the sidewalk was truly crooked or our 'sea legs' hadn't adjusted properly.

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