MST2 Mark Pfrenger
In Port Duties
A close look at Sebago while moored at home port gives a relaxed view of shipboard life. Lots of time spent congregating near ladders and hatches. This allows a quick departure in the opposite direction in case officers or CPO's came lurking ...

The black gang didn't have much to do because we used shore power and often the boilers were being retubed anyway. The radio crew hooked into the landlines and only one RM was required to attend the ASR-28 teletype. Only the deck crew really saw much the same as their on station duties, except that the other departments used this time to catch on deck maintenance of their own spaces. Who doesn't recall blue death, red lead, gray primer, and non-skid?

That looks to be a 1968 Dodge Charger parked near the brow.. who owned it?
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Author: Mark Pfrenger
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