MST2 Mark Pfrenger
Peace Signs and Guns... a contradiction?
We see three Sebago Sailors here, two enlisted and one officer. When Mark first sent the photo I thought recognized BM3 Troy Carroll but didn't know who the others were. Mark said that I (RM3 Wonnacott) was the other enlisted. "Nope, I wasn't that long waisted..." Mark enlarged the photo and re-sent it... YUP, THAT'S ME! The officer is LtJG Kangetter and the enlisted man on the left is NOT Carroll as I suspected. Troy identifies him as BM1 Hammond.

So, two questions remain; Is that really BM1 Hammond and how can we change so much in 35 years that we don't even recognize ourselves? There's a philosophical quandary in the second half of that, I'm sure!
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Author: Mark Pfrenger
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