MST2 Mark Pfrenger
Watchstanders Shop On The Pier
Lest you think the duty section was totally stuck, think again. The Jamaican's are very tourist oriented and were happy to set up shop right next to the ship. Ten Sebago Sailors are found in this photo... is that FN Arthur Durrah on the dock with souvenirs in both hands?

I remember the first 12 hours of this port visit were a bit rough on the crew... several got sucked into trouble by the locals. The XO, LCdr Demming, bless him for being a resourceful gentleman, managed to round up several of us and arranged for two or three taxi loads to tour up through the mountains.

I still recall stopping at a small inn up in the rain forest and sipping some great rum punches! Of course, I also recall a place just outside of town where the taxi didn't stop. It served rum punches and lots more ... but we won't discuss that here.
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