MST2 Mark Pfrenger
Fantail View, August 1970

MST2 Mark Pfrenger - Fantail, August 1970 Ignore Pfrenger, look at the ocean aft of Sebago. If you have ever had a difficult time describing the North Atlantic to your family, this is the photo that starts the story properly. It is the essence of Ocean Station duty. Every Cutter on station could expect three weeks of this, an unrelenting rise and fall of the deck as the ship only makes enough turns to remain on station in grid "OS". Day after day of the same scenery, obstructed only by foul weather and increasingly violent pitching as the wind comes up and the ceiling comes down. It was days like this that made the heart ache for home, so far away. This is the dark and lonely side of "Semper Paratus" and life at sea.

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