MST2 Mark Pfrenger
Halloween 1970 - The Great Pumpkin

He arrives with the fall of night.
Ascending over the barren garden,
Looking for the last of his crop
Without benefit of light or lantern.

Hovering silently he searches,
Pausing momentarily over each stem and gourd.
Sincerity is what he seeks,
A few moments of majesty his reward.

Sometimes in gentle breeze he waits,
Halting briefly in his task
Before wandering again to another patch.
Like Diogenes, he wants those special souls.

He is a kind and giving spirit.
Without rancor or fury he grants
A fleeting moment of compassion and
Recognition for those who patiently waited.

Suddenly he rises and brightens gladly.
Reflecting the emotions of those he sought,
Here! Here! The ones who fought!
The ones who fought… to remain sincere!

“In darkest night and stormy seas
They fought to stay with me
Rebuking gloom and cold,
Keeping faith and serenity.”

In a moment he is gone,
Cast away by acts of others.
Destroyed by ignorance and disbelief,
Leaving behind the chill of November.

My friends come near and hear
Of another moment in another year.
He came to us without fear,
For our Great Pumpkin was sincere.

- Lee Wonnacott
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Author: Photo by Mark Pfrenger
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