MST2 Mark Pfrenger
OS Bravo - July 1970

OS Bravo, July 1970 Absolutely great photo from the balloon deck! Use the officers on the bridge wing to gauge the true size of Sebago. The wing is about 12 feet from bulkhead to outer edge and the main deck area below is about as far. From where Mark stands to the bridge is approximately 120 feet as the seagull flies. From bow to stern, the Sebago was only 255 long and had a beam of just 43 feet. Freeboard, the distance from the main deck to the ocean, was about eight feet. The island structure of a modern US Navy nuclear carrier is larger than Sebago... Notice the small boat davit is swung out. This was a normal situation in calm weather. It gave us the illusion of more main deck space for the crew to enjoy. Very often the safest passage from forward to aft was actually up and down the ladders.... the only way from forward to aft without using ladders was via the main deck and it was cluttered with obstacles. We were a trim lot of Coasties! Also take note of how the whip antenna mount is protected by a metal grating inboard. This kept unwary Sebago Sailors from touching a hot antenna and being reminded that RM's are a dangerous bunch of fellas if you get in the way of their work!

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