MST2 Mark Pfrenger

Ocean Station Bravo, the most likely spot to see ice burgs that had been calved from the fields of the North Atlantic shelf. This moderately sized burg is over one mile away and still looks large enough to tear us up should we strike it...and it is! The mass of the frozen water is greater than Sebago and it would be difficult for us to even tow it. RMS Titanic sank not far from this area in April 1912. Not long afterward the International Ice Patrol was formed and North Atlatic patrol duties became part of the history of the Revenue Cutter Service. SEBAGO was built with an ice-going hull, which meant she could sail through thin fields of ice without being damaged. In fact, during her first North Atlantic patrols in 1946 and 1947 SEBAGO actually rescued a ship or two that had gotten trapped by ice. By the time the crew of 1970 reached this particular deployment area it was obvious to many that ice of any type could probably poke a hole in the 25 year old hull.

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