MST2 Mark Pfrenger
MST3 Mark Pfrenger, Aft of Bridge Wing
Aside from the dry humor; Pfrenger, and his sole department companion Roger Blevens, was more than willing to share the cool confines of the Oceanographic Lab with any shipmate that needed to escape the exterior heat or roving department heads.

During the first cruise away from the Curtis Bay yards Pfrenger established the "Regnum of O Labia" and proclaimed himself the Regnant O Labian. He even issued citizenship documents to all of those aware of the Regnum. Those citizens, "Being neither Naves nor Knights, but Peers of the Realm." The O Lab was a fun place, mostly because of Mark, and it really gave us all a place to swap sea stories and become true friends.

Notice the Squadron 3 emblem painted on the bulkhead behind Pfrenger
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