MST2 Mark Pfrenger
SNRM John J. Hecker -
JJ, found here in the Regnum of O Labia, was a youngster from New Orleans, Louisiana. His favorite topic of conversation was his brand new VW, dubbed "Clarence." Clarence was supposed to be blue, but some error in ordering brought about the color combination that properly accented Heckers' bright red hair...or was it the other way around? Notice the VW sales poster on the bulkhead behind JJ.

John stayed in the Coast Guard, moving up to RM2 before abandoning the rate for duties as a Yeoman and later CWO(PERS). One of his first YN duty units was at HQ, where he worked in the RM rate assignments office. It was his joy to torment old RM friends with orders for permanent assignment to Cutter Duane... or any other North Atlantic cutter.
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