RD2 Dean Kratchmer

from upper left to right; ETC George Gillett, RDC Ed Chepan, RM2 John K. Burns, ET2 Joseph S. Cline, RD3 Charles F. Dennis, SOC George Hooton (obscured behind Stith), QMC Jim Stith (behind spar stanchion)

from center left; SO3 Darlow Maxwell, QM1 Harry Van Horn, QM3 Alistair Lohn 

front row l/r SNRD Brock Sorensen, SO3 Dan Brockman, ETN3 Michael D. Pierce, QM3 Jim Curtis, RM2 Robert Horning -

Vietnam Cruise: Operations Division after morning muster, offshore Vietnam

Date: 2013-01-17 22:25
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