RM1 Robert Pinkerton
RM1 Robert Pinkerton (1968-1970)

One of our fine Squadron Three sailors, Bob came into the Coast Guard in 1959 and went to Hawaii Territory after boot camp. He served aboard Cutters Blackhaw, Bering Straits, and Cape Corwin and was there when Hawaii gained statehood. He attended RM-A school at Groton as a BM3 in 1964. He is a plank owner of the USCGC Confidence (WMEC-619).

After a few failed attempts to get some sort of duty in VietNam, Pinkerton swapped from CommCenter D2 to Sebago in October 1968 and served aboard till April 1970. SA Robert Pinkerton, 1959Following Sebago, Bob continued for the full tour in the Coast Guard. He lists assignments in WestPac at Radio Station Kami Seya, TDY set up of the CG AMVER Station at San Miguel Philippines Naval Station, OSY duty aboard Cutter Escanaba, and back to another 210', the Vigilant. His last five years were at Group Galveston, TX, until his retirement in 1979.

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