RM2 John Perotta
Farewell! Don't Forget to Write . .

Those ashore begin to walk to the very end of the pier in order to keep an eye on 'Their' Sebago Sailor.

The bridge crew and engineering gang are busy maneuvering the ship, as in a moment or two the screw must be stopped, the helm moved hard over, and the screw restarted so SEBAGO can move into the channel and out to sea.

Up in the radio shack the on duty watch have the transmitters of NRUF warmed up and have already checked into the underway net with NMG, the Coast Guard Radio Station at New Orleans.

In CIC the RD's and SO's prepare to turn on their gear and maintain a radar plot that shows where SEBAGO is in relation to the channel, and where other vessel traffic may be.

A ship designed and built for war, a ship that has spent nearly 24 years doing nothing but search and rescue work, now departs for her first wartime patrol. And many of the shipmates will soon wonder if this is why THEY joined the Coast Guard.

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