RM2 John Perotta
Pollywogs Will Assemble . . .
Don't Go Back There! This officer is nervously hanging around the five inch mount. He may have the idea that he can avoid the 'Reception Line' for King Neptune and his court, but there is no way any Pollywog can avoid his fate, especially when Neptune's Sheriff has the authority to use handcuffs to detain an unwilling participant.

Crossing The Equator

This naval tradition is literally centuries old. It's a mix of superstition, reverence to tradition, respect for the 'Old Salts', and a nod or two to the boredom of being at sea for extended periods. Forty years later these photos are certain to evoke a lot of memories from our Squadron 3 shipmates, some good and some bad. But without any doubt, all will recognize a shipmate or two that has crossed over the bar. A quick pang of grief will be replaced by the knowledge that on this day all were friends and happy to be alive.
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