RM2 Lee Wonnacott
R E S P E C T ??

... and Snipes wonder why they get no respect!

It's a very fuzzy photo, and I don't know who used my camera, but I include in the collection only to show just how much the guys appreciated me. You see at least two of the fellas in the background are saying I'm a number one shipmate (one of them may be Mike O'Connell). . . And this seemed to be something lots of Sebago Sailors did whenever a lens pointed in their direction. 


Notice in my pocket... the infamous toothbrush!


For all of the crap we endured; rough seas, long hours, grimy work, and generally being abused by the circumstances of being at sea - we all tried to have fun and smile whenever possible. Telling a joke, teasing a shipmate, and generally being bugs in a potato patch were our only way of coping. It's not what our recruiters promised us, but in the long run we bonded and became part of a unique club - 255 sailors!
Author: Unknown
Date: 2014-10-30 11:14
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  • yes that's mike O'Connell, he was married to my sister
    Added by Retha Milstead on 2015-01-20 17:24
  • Lee, he was just giving a salute. LOL!
    Added by Jim Lambert on 2016-01-10 17:36
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