RM2 Lee Wonnacott
GM3 Garber

GM3 Garber


Came aboard as a SNGM in early 1970 and made third class before the ship was decommissioned. He had a great sense of humor and not an ounce of swagger in his bones. You could depend upon Garber to be anywhere there were jokes and smiles being passed around. Although I don't think he participated in any of the incidents where shipmates were attacked by assailants with masking tape. 


You could tell a mystery assault just by the sounds of tape ripping from a roll and some poor Sebago Sailor cursing his shipmates and questioning their ancestry. The victim was left partially mummified, usually taped into his rack. Self extrication was nearly impossible and any guy that helped his buddy out of the 3M sarcophagus was sure to be the next victim. For one entire patrol the residents of PO berthing walked carefully, with one eye looking for the perps and the other calculating routes of escape. The core of this group were those nefarious RD's... sneaky lot of guys! The names Brockman and Kratchmer come to mind...
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