SN/1c Irving Shields
Aft Twin 5

How Many GM's Did It Take?

Although this is a small collection of photos, it's the first we have seen that gives a good idea of how well armed SEBAGO was when she first put to sea. I shudder to think what it would have been like in later years had it stayed in this configuration - Gunners Mates would have outnumbered Deck Apes and we all know what chaos that would have brought.

Look closely in the background and you can see just how busy the yards of Western Shipbuilding were in 1945. Just a few months later most of the activity had ceased and within a few years the company was out of business. All that remains now is a small marker on a foot path to remind visitors this was once part of the 'Arsenal of Democracy.'

DatsoGallery By Andrey Datso

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