SN/1c Irving Shields
Fantail Depth Charge Racks - 1945

Lots of Gear Aft

It's difficult to determine what appears to be in the water astern of SEBAGO, but we do get a good view of the depth charge racks mounted on the fantail. The 255's that most of us remember were old and in poor condition. But for the Plank Owners SEBAGO was something special. Foot for foot she was one of the most heavily armed ships of World War II.

Had the war lasted another 12 months there is no doubt that SEBAGO and her crew would have earned some campaign ribbons in the Pacific. There were some combat hardened salts aboard, a couple of them were survivors of North Atlantic combat sinking's from ships far less capable than a 255. Bet they were very disappointed not to be able to test her firepower against the enemy.

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