SN/1c Irving Shields
Panama Canal - 1945

Transit Eastbound - Atlantic Waters Await

This shot from the crows nest shows 33 of our old shipmates taking in the sights while the ship locks eastbound through the Canal Zone.

Especially impressive is the view of the armament, the twin mount and the gun tub just aft of the five inch mount. Most of us that served aboard after her refit in 1952 really had no idea why many of those odd spaces existed topside. This photo explains a few of them.


  • Two twin 5"/38 dual purpose guns

  • Two quad 40mm/60 cannons

  • Four 20mm/80 cannons.

  • Two depth charge tracks Six "Y" guns

  • Hedgehog.

Wartime displacement was similar to a Fletcher Class destroyer but 122 feet shorter and three feet wider.


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