SN Ken Savage

Relieving USCGC CASCO (WAVP-370). A 311' cutter

Comparing the size of a 311' cutter to the 255' brings out some surprises. SEBAGO was actually two feet wider than the 311, 56 feet shorter, and 500 tons lighter. She drafted five feet deeper than the 311. Both classes has very similar speed and range, with the 255' edging the 311 only slightly.

The most significant difference was that the 311 class was twin screw and the 255's were single screw. Of course, the veteran 255 Cuttermen would always point out the superior skills required of the class when working into or away from a pier without benefit of a tug boat. . .

In reality that extra 56 feet meant a much more comfortable berthing area for every crewman.

Author: Unknown
Date: 2013-01-17 22:16
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