Roster of NRUF Operators

This is by no means a complete and accurate roster of Radiomen who manned the keys of NRUF. If you know of an RM who logged on watch and isn't noted here, send me a message.

It was aboard SEBAGO that I really learned how to be a good RM. That fact that NRUF was number one on my wish list from RM-A school didn't prepare me for an underway watch. I recall one particular mid-watch during which all of the ships antennas were carried away by heavy seas. As the ship heeled over, things began to fly off the bulkheads and I tightened my seatbelt - finally learning what that web strap was really for!

Op Name Rank Aboard Op Sign RMSchool ZUT #
Almond, David M. RM1   DA 59-60  
Bailey, Alfred Reno RM3    


Barnes, John K. RM2        
Bette, Don RM2   DB    
Blair, Jim RM2        
Bryan, J. D. RM2       376
Boines Jr, William F. RM1 68-70      
Bowen, Dick RM2        
Burns, John K RM2 68-70      
Clancey, Lawrence C. RM2   CC 59-60  
Clardy, Robert. RM1       7
Conner Sr, Thaddeus A. RM1 70-72 TAC Navy A  
Crull, F. T. RM1       375
Cumblidge, Joseph RM3 70-71 JOE RMA 7-70  
Dawson Jr, Arthur F. RM1 69-71 AD    
DeGeorge, David L. RM2 59-60 DD 59-60 1282
Gardner, R. F. RM3       379
Falatti, Rich RM2        
Glover, R. RM3       1056
Gulledge, William L. RM3       1
Hecker, John J. RM3 70-71 JJ RMA 7-70  
Horning, Robert M RM2        
Hortin, W. E. RM3       840
Hostetter, Al RMC (RMIC)       770
Johnson, David G RM2 60-63     213
Joslin, Neal RM3 71-72      
Kramer, Alvin A RMC (RMIC)        
Lentz, Jerry M. RM1       1321
Lewandowski, David R. RM2 68-70      
Little, Paul RM2 59-60      
Lytle, Frank C RM3        
MacQueen, Bruce RMC        
McNeil,   RM3 71-72      
McNett, L. D. RM3       1055
Middleton, Ronald RM2 59-60      
Moore, M RMC   MO    
Murphy, Frank RM2 66-67      
Nichols, Keith RM3 63-64      
Perotta, John RM2 68-70      
Petrocelli, Stephen RM3 71-72 SP    
Pinkerton, Robert S RM1 68-70      
Podschun, RMC-P 59-60      
Powers, Ronald RM2 71-72      
Pugh, Hinton A. RM3   HA    
Pursifull, T. P. RM2       22
Ritzman, Ernie RM3   EJR   31
Robichaux, Wade RM3 70-70      
Rupp, Gregory A RM3 68-70      
Shipp, Otis C RMC (RMIC) 59-60      
Schmidt, Joeseph RM2 59-60      
Schoen, John RM2 53-54      
Seal, George M. RM2 69-71 GS    
Sherrill, Paul RMC        
Singletary, William RM2 59-60      
Smith, Lynn C. RM3 58-59 LS    
Smith, G. T. RM3       377
Smith, R. L. RM2        
Sturtevant, W. J. RM3       38
Thomas, Robert RM3 54-55      
Vandernoot, S. H. RM3       841
Vanderslice, Paul RM2 67     304
Warren Sr, Frank A. RM3 53      
Wiley, C. R. RMC       374
Witkowitcz, Stephen RM2 70-71 SW    
Wonnacott, LeRoy B. RM2 70-71 LB RMA 7-70  
Wood, Robert L. RM2   RW    


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