A Poem From Mr. Ellis

The Sebago is the fourth of a new type of Coast Guard Cutter. The Executive Officer has penned the following poem which in part describes some of the difficulties we've been having:
A capital ship for an ocean trip is the mighty Se-ba-go
    Her only need is a little speed and repairs to make her go
We treat her kind, but for peace of mind
    We'd like her "G-M' raised
And the valves that galled relocated and installed
    And a prop that's properly phased!
She's right and tight. (Except for light)
    And comfy as far as she goes,
But her bow and stern for each other yearn
    And the lack of interval shows.
She's rootin'-tootin' when it comes to shootin'
    And she's loaded down for B'ar
She'll hurl direct hits and give the Nips fits
    If she ever gets that far!
Modern science ran amuck from her keel to her truck
    to pack in "the ultimate" in gear...
Everythings cross-connected, or super-collected,
    And the heat is convected, My Dear!
And Heavenly Days! Her decks are a maze
    Of the goddamdest rigs ever rove
And neigh three hundred souls without portholes
    Have a two-foot grill for a stove.
She's young and tender - Why, the weight of a fender
    Will give her a noticeable list!
Which the contractor opines is according to designs
    Something the architects missed !
The Fourth of her class this handsome lass
    The "bell-weather" ship for the forthcoming flocks
Full of boners and bugs and no cabin rugs
    She's a stately queen in bobby-sox !
With twenty pounds steam they really can't mean
    For us to "make with a fifty pound whistle"
In the thick of a fog we'll resort to our dog
    And barking induced by a well placed thistle.
She has breakwaters galore that look odd from the shore
   And which'll break more necks than water
But necks are the price for this essential device
    As she takes more water than she ought'er.
But for all of her faults...it's the opinion of salts
    Who ought to know when the speak
That she'll be right as rain and Semper Paratus again,
    To sail at the end of next week !
-- Lt Stanley J Ellis, XO

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