Capt Henry Keene, USCG (Ret)

Capt Henry Keene Jr, USCG (Ret)

December 18, 1919 - October 5, 2011 Another wartime shipmate, Capt. Henry Keene, Jr, USCG (Ret) crossed over the bar at his home in Ketchikan, Alaska, on October 5th. He also served aboard Cutter BIBB, was CO of Cutter CHINCOTEAGUE, and CO of Base Ketchikan, from which he retired in 1967. He entered the Coast Guard in 1941 and served aboard SEBAGO in 1949 as a Lieutenant.

Keene remained in Alaska after retirement and went on to a career as a lawyer and Alaska state judge, sitting on the bench of the Alaska Superior Court at Ketchikan. He was active in many civic projects, including a lighthouse display at the Tongass Historical Museum that features the fresnel lens from the Tree Point Lighthouse.

He was also active in youth sports, fundraising for the American Diabetes Association through the Pennock Island Challenge, and was a constant support to the local Rotary International Chapter.

Capt. Keene was especially helpful to the Ketchikan General Hospital since his first arrival in the area. Just last year the hospital recognized his lifetime of contributions and assistance by naming the Henry C. Keene, Jr. Executive Room for him.

A very nice tribute, filmed last year, has been posted on YouTube - click HERE to view it. True to sea service tradition, the Captain relates the story of how he came to own a brothel and a church at the same time! A Ketchikan radio station aired a remembrance of him that includes a nice description of how he organized 40 Coasties to aid the local hospital just days after his arrival at Base Ketchikan - listen to it HERE.

Capt. Keene was 91 years old.

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