Photos From The Previous SEBAGO ca. 1937

June 23, 2016 - Last month I was in Oxford, Mississippi, for one of my Ride Around America stops. I was overjoyed to find a commemorative paving brick remembering Hugh Sloan JR, USCG - from USS SEBAGO.  USS ?   Really? 

I was able to track down Sloan's son, Hugh III, and ask the particulars. After explaining that SEBAGO was USCGC and not USS, we began talking about his father. It soon hit me that an enlisted man serving in the Coast Guard from 1936 to 1940 was not about WPG-42. His cutter was the 250 foot Lake Class cutter that was given to Britain at the start of World War II on the Lend./Lease program. 

The entire class of 250 foot Lake Class cutters was decommissioned, with the intent of replacing them with ships of similar size and capabilities. The result was the 13 Owasco class cutters of 1945. 

Mr. Sloan sent me almost two dozen photos taken during SEBAGO's cadet cruise of 1937 or 1938. It was circumnavigation and several of these photos reveal the festivities as the Court of Neptune was convened to initiate the new 'Wogs.

More photos are promised, and these should be underway shots showing the days of the Hooligan Navy when the decks were wooden and the enlisted berthing areas were full of hammocks. 

Click on the photo to see the entire collection. 



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